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Feb. 20th, 2011

(no subject)

This will lead to something interesting :L
Don't even care to be honest, but I have to defend myself

Jan. 28th, 2011

(no subject)

From the looks of things, Ace, King, Queen is going to have somewhere in the region of 25 chapters. Now, taking my average word count for the four chapters I've done so far (about 1,500 words a chapter), that's only 38,000 words. Frankly, that's not enough.
If I'm likely to get it published, I'm looking at needing 70,000 words. I mean, sure some chapters are going to be longer than others, but that's still almost double my estimated word score.

I'm going to be doing my final edits to chapter by chapter this weekend, and then I'll just be writing. And then, if everything goes to plan in roughly 40 weeks the second draft will be done (A chapter every 2 weeks, already done 4 chapters). From there, I'll look at what can be expanded etc.

Oh boy.

Jan. 24th, 2011

Making Progress

I got home from school today. It was a bit cold so I figured I'd go upstairs and put on a hoody or something to keep warm. I sat down on my bed, and the next thing I know I'd woken up an hour or two later. I was like WHATJUSTHAPPENED.

I then spent an hour doing nothing in particular and realized how lazy I was being. I just wasn't in the mood to do my Chemistry though. So, instead, I edited my first 4 Chapters so that I can give them to my beta readers. 4/5 I will see tomorrow, so, y'know. That's useful. Though I think I might ask Eric if he'd be interested in being a 6th Beta reader, as I need a guy of his age's opinion as well, as I'm getting Harriet's opinion on it too.

Now, can I be bothered to do that chemistry?

Jan. 23rd, 2011

Writer's Block: Hocus pocus

If your parents were transformed into their true animal spirits, what animals would they be?

Mum - A bear. No questions asked. She's very protective of those she cares about, loves to sleep and won't go down without a fight.

Dad - This one's a bit tricker. Probably a goat :L

(no subject)

So recently, I've taken to using tumblr as a blogging website rather than Livejournal. However, when I'm busy for a few days - such as I was this weekend as I was with James and other friends, when I come back to Tumblr there's SO much to catch up on it's a little off putting. I suppose it's my fault for following too many people but eh, I can't help that. :L When I'm up to date with things it's fun but, nah.

2011 has been going really well for me so far. I've been doing a load of writing, my exams have gone pretty well (I THINK!) and my relationship is just as strong as ever. I think there's one or two dramas looming on the horizon, but I'm going to do my best to stay uninvolved in them. My life is definitely better than it was this time last year :)

And I had my idea for my february short story today. It's going to be awesome :)

Jan. 2nd, 2011

Long post is long - 2010/2011

Wow, I haven't been on LJ for a long time. Whenever I blog I use Tumblr these days. However, I thought I'd post this here anyway :)

So I thought I’d make a post about the end of 2010 and the start of 2011. I realize that some of the people who follow me might not react incredibly well to what I write. However, I am hoping that they will accept me for who I am.

I accomplished many things in 2010, and instead of focussing on all the depressing things that happened during the year, I just wanted to list some of the things that went well - Achievements/Highlights of the year.

I’ll get the one that might go down badly out of the way first, as there are quite a few things I consider achievements that link to it. I am putting them mainly in chronological order though.

- I came out to my dad.

- I attended a gay youth club for a month and met some great people, who then became my friends and one of them my boyfriend. At the time, having other friends who were gay and knew what I was going through was an amazing feeling.

- I ended the relationship with the boyfriend because I recognized he wasn’t treating me properly and I ignored his guilt trips that were attempts at me getting back with him.

- I broke away from some “friends” who were less than supportive.

- I began the redraft of Ace, King, Queen and am happy with what I’ve written so far.

- I finally managed to get rid of my stalker.

- I sat my GCSEs and got results that I was truly proud of - 5 A*s, 7As and 2 Bs.

- I attended Gay Pride.

- I got a new boyfriend, who I am still with. It is now 5 and a half months. He is probably the most amazing person I’ve ever met ever. He makes me smile when I feel like dying, he gives hugs that make me feel safe and his smile seems to melt all the problems in the world.

- I started A Levels at my old school and managed to fit into a new friendship group fairly well.

- I survived a disgusting case of tonsillitus that lasted 2 months.

- I met my boyfriend’s family and friends and managed to get them to like me. I love his family. :3

- I managed to buy and wrap christmas presents for my entire family this year with my own money, which I have never done before. Everyone seemed to like their presents, too. :)

- I hosted a New Years Party, which was a massive success but also caused a massive mess which has only just been about cleaned up. My boyfriend was successfully integrated into my friendship group through the party though :)

- I had a new years kiss at midnight.
Resolutions for the next year are these:

1. Stop being so goddamn lazy and actually do things rather than just talking about them.

2. Spend more time with my mum. We live in a house together with just each other and yet we barely see each other. I need to fix that.

3. Write a chapter of the redraft of Ace, King, Queen every 2 weeks.

4. Keep everything with James as amazing as it is.

End of long post

Nov. 24th, 2010

(no subject)

I have officially failed National Novel Writing Month 2010. I got to 8l Words. I might cheat to see the winners goodies though. But its still a bit upsetting.

Nov. 19th, 2010


And with a click of his fingers, he makes me feel all better again.
I don't know how he does it, I really don't. I must be a nightmare to put up with.
But it makes me happy I have him :)
JNF <3 16.7.10

Nov. 18th, 2010


I really don't understand my mum sometimes. :/ I want her to be happy, but I need her to stop being the child in this relationship. I'm not strong enough to be the adult yet. :/

I should be much happier than I am in life. I should be ecstatic but I'm mildly contented. As George said, it's probably because my honeymoon phases are over. I've settled into sixth form and my friendship group, and my relationship is no longer "new".
I've never had a relationship last this long so for it not be new is odd and I'm still getting used to it.
And I keep being ill and I haven't heard from card factory yet and BLERGH.

This song kinda explains how I feel

I just want an adventure. Something exciting. But for now, I'll have to settle with monotony.

Nov. 14th, 2010


I expect a lot from people. I think that's my biggest problem.

I've had a bit of a rough patch with someone important to me recently, but it seems to be on the mend now. Whilst things aren't EXACTLY the way they were, they're getting better. So, y'know, I can't really complain. For now, I'm happy/happier, so nothing needs to be done to make drastic changes.

I've been a little bit more productive recently and I think it's helped general stress levels, but I need to keep it up for it to have any lasting effect. And I need to keep eating healthier.

Also. Card Factory said they'd phone me last Monday. I phoned them on Thursday and they said they'd call me this weekend. So far, nothing. Why tell me you'll call me at a certain time and then not do it? If they'd said "we'd call you soon" I'd be fine with that. But because they said Monday and then this weekend, I'm now a bit annoyed.

Oh well.

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